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How am I liking the Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Program so far?

I was given an opportunity to write a review about how I am liking the Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program so far. I am sharing and expanding on my response to the question in this post.

I joined the Holistic Health and Wellness program as a way to kick start my health and wellness journey. The first thing I wanted to learn more about is nutrition. I want to ensure I am eating the foods that will protect me, keep me healthy and feeling better overall.

This program is giving me evidence-based information on which foods to eat to improve my overall health. So far, I feel more confident talking to my family about my health and wellness journey and the foods I choose to eat.

I started my journey to becoming plant-based four years ago, and without the information that I am learning, I have not been able to convince my family that I am getting all the nutrients I need on a plant-based, vegan diet. I am now able to confidently share nutrition findings with my family.

I hope that my family will also start their health and wellness journey, and I will help them along the way. I cannot wait to learn more!

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