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High level take-aways of recent readings

I am making good progress on my self-paced Holistic Nutritionist Certification. I submitted my second assignment this past weekend which focused on providing answers to many questions about “How Not to Die” and what I learned from the book. After assignment submission, I received a question from my Education Specialist – "Do you have any favorite readings from How Not to Die?" I am expanding on the answer in this post.

I loved the book. I have been following Nutrition Facts and I subscribed to the channel on YouTube for a few years now. I recall when Dr. Greger published the book; I bought it but did not got around to reading it cover to cover. Now that I have, I loved it. Sharing a little info about me, I started my plant-based journey at the end of 2016. I have some more work to-do to be plant-based – I am more vegan since I do still eat/enjoy some processed plant foods, but I have come a long way since in the last four years- I am proud of that. Luckily, I have not had any health issues, and I give credit to my diet and the lifestyle I choose to live.

The take-aways for me are to continue to limit processed foods and oil from my diet as much as possible. I enjoyed learning about the specific foods that prevent diseases based on evidence/scientific studies. That is all very interesting to me.

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen is extremely helpful and straight forward. It empowers us to make the choices to implement nutrient-dense foods into our day to day. I have the Daily Dozen app on my phone. I like the fact that I can check off things during the day.

Another take away for me is exercise. I know the importance of it for health and although the book does not talk about exercise much, exercise is part of the Daily Dozen. I need to plan to incorporate more movement in my daily routine. The best part of what I am learning is that I get to share this information with my family as well as they embark on their health journey.

If you have not read "How Now to Die" I encourage you do to so! Also, subscribe to Nutrition Facts on YouTube for daily videos on the latest findings on nutrition-based studies. Lastly, take a look at the Daily Dozen app, available on Google and Apple app stores.



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