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Will you join me?

I have felt unwell this year and it is about time I stop ignoring how I feel. I have been, first, in denial about how I am feeling, then accepted it as just the postpartum blues, then just ignored it thinking it will go away on its own. Well, it has not gone away, what do I do?

2020 sucks. All of the changes I have had in my life this year have caused me a lot of stress, anxiety and left me feeling unwell. First, the birth of my daughter, the act of becoming a mom. Two months later, we had to learn how to live, safely in a pandemic. Three months later, the loss of my job which I had since 2011; this summer I was moved into a new position which came with strict timelines to show results.

Stress, anxiety, depression, are all things I want to learn to manage or to live without. I spent the last two months thinking about how to go about it. I have learned that it is just as important to focus on fitness and food as well as mental health to feel well all-around. I decided to do something about it how I have been feeling.

Here is what I am doing.

About a month ago, I decided to embark on a health and wellness journey. I joined a Holistic Nutritionist program and Health and Wellness Coach program. I have spent the last few weeks learning about how to achieve wellness. It is just not about how healthy my body is but also how healthy the environment in which I live.

Health of body + Health of environment = Overall wellness (body, mind, soul)

I started Engineer Wellness to keep myself accountable, share my health and wellness journey, share what I am learning along the way, and to inspire and help others embark on their health and wellness journey.

Will you join me?

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