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A couple of takeaways from reading The Disease Delusion

I struggled to read through the book, The Disease Delusion. The book contains so much information, it made my head spin a bit. The material was very interesting just hard to digest and understand it all: I found myself reading through several pages multiple times.

One thing I keep thinking about from the book is the concept of general adaptation syndrome (GAS) and the stages the body goes through under stress. This is the first I hear the term. We know stress impacts our body physiologically; we just never consider the extent of it. I have many responsibilities in my life right now and do not take the downtime that my body needs. The book really opened my eyes to the importance of downtime and how everything in my body is connected. Even if I am eating healthy, that is not enough to see a meaningful, positive change in my overall wellness.

I found the detoxification process (Four R process) interesting too. I expect a lot of the people I will be helping will be interested in a sort of "reboot" or "kickstart" to their health and wellness journey. I will be prepared to discuss how to detox our bodies and find the foods that are causing us harm as well as how the functional medicine approach can help. I expect to get a lot of questions about our body's interconnectedness.

I am looking forward to new articles and books - I am particularly interested in managing, alleviating, depression through nutrition and exercise. After the birth of my daughter last year, I went through a long period of time feeling depressed, the pandemic made symptoms worse, and I wish I would have started reading more about how to manage, really, resolve my depression, then.

Please send me holistic ways that have helped you with the blues and depression.


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